Marcel Stallen

Marcel Stallen is Director of Fresh Dynamics Asia (International), based in the Netherlands and frequently travels to S-E Asia and Africa. Marcel is an experienced agronomist by profession, graduated from Wageningen University and HAS Den Bosch and has long term field experience in South East Asia and East Africa, in particular in Pakistan, Zambia and Indonesia. Marcel has also worked with various research and development organizations as well as with the Commodity Board of Horticulture in the Netherlands for many years. Marcel is specialized in horticultural crops and provides advisory services to companies and organizations gearing up their business and projects in Asia and Africa.

Among others Marcel Stallen has a sound track record in:

  • Agronomy; primary production of fruits, vegetables, flowers
  • Integrated Pest and Disease Management in horticultural crops
  • Quality control, supply chain and post harvest management and analyses
  • Business plan & project development
  • Implementation of applied Research & Development
  • Integrated Post Harvest, Agro-Logistics & Fresh Supply Chain Solutions
  • Management of agricultural R & D programs
  • Development and management of international supply chain projects

Marcel is a guest lecturer at the International Food and Agribusiness (IFA) Course of the University of Applied Sciences HAS in Den Bosch and he works as International Business Developer for HAS Hogeschool