Fresh Dynamics Asia (FDA)

Fresh Dynamics Asia consist of a team of experienced local and international consultants, based in Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan and The Netherlands. We offer solutions and services strengthening and improving the entire supply chain of fresh and processed agricultural products and other perishables. Fresh Dynamics Asia adds value to fresh supply chains through our solutions and services in Asia and Africa.

A Fresh View on Supply Chains

Total quality control of fresh supply chains is a pre-requisite to produce for demanding consumers' markets nowadays. Fresh Dynamics Asia has the specialist skills, staff and resources for optimizing the entire supply chain of perishable products; from "seed to fork". We integrate supply chains, make them more transparent and efficient and more sustainable, in close collaboration with stakeholders. Fresh Dynamics Asia staff has a "fresh view" on supply chains and we continuously try to include innovations and new concepts in our clients supply chains. Our ultimate goal is to achieve maximum clients' and consumers' satisfaction.

Focus on High Quality Perishables' Supply Chains and Handling

Quality control in distribution, logistics and warehousing is another requirement for efficient and competitive fresh supply chains. Food safety, quality and temperature control are key to deliver perishables for modern markets. Fresh Dynamics Asia experts have a track record of successful optimization, improving and strengthening perishable value chains such as fresh and processed fruits, vegetables, flowers, meat, fish, dairy products and pharmaceuticals.

Experience and Network

Fresh Dynamics Asia has a network of professional contacts in the primary fresh produce industry, supermarket chains, seed suppliers, food processing companies and logistics services providers in Asia, Africa and in the EU. FDA combines knowhow and experience in logistics, agronomy, marketing and supply chain development in order to provide clients a 'fresh view on Supply Chains'.